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Desktop App Support Toggle Tools
folder_openLoad GPX Loads a GPX file from your computer to Rideleader.
saveSave GPX Saves all of the trails in your current session to your computer.
delete_foreverClear Clears all trails from your session. This cannot be undone.
helpTooltips Click to toggle tooltips.
Route Color Changes the color of routes.
Track Color Changes the color of tracks.
Point Filter Allows you to reduce the amount of points in a trail. Filters points based on how close they are to each other..
swap_horizTrail Type Allows you to change the type of a trail.
gps_offMidpoints Click while drawing to turn off midpoints. This will increase performance.
text_formatRenameSelect the track or route you'd like to change the name of, then click Rename. You cannot name segments of a track.
directionsAuto Route Click to modify the drawing tool. Enabling this causes the drawing tool to autocomplete if a path is available.

Routes are plotted in a GPX editor like Then, they are loaded into a GPX device and used as a guide to follow during your next ride.

mode_editDraw Allows you to add to a trail if one is selected or creates a new route.
merge_typeMerge Merges two trails together. Click merge, then select two trails. Cannot be undone with the undo button.
call_splitSplit Breaks a trail into two. Select the trail, click edit, click Split, then right click the point you wish to break the trail at. Cannot be undone with the Undo button.
backspaceArea Delete Delete many points at once. Select the trail, click edit, click Area Delete, then draw a polygon around the points you wish to delete, then click Confirm.
codeDirection Click to change the direction you are drawing.
cachedUndo Undo the recent changes you have made in the current edit/drawing session.
delete_foreverDelete Path Deletes the selected trail. This cannot be undone.

    Waypoints, also called Points of Interest or POI, mark interesting places on the map.

    pin_dropDropper Allows you to add waypoints to the session.
    pan_toolEdit/Move Allows you to move waypoints that have already been placed.
    delete_foreverDelete Allows you to delete waypoints. Click Delete, then click the waypoints you wish to delete.
    text_formatRename Select the WayPoint you'd like to rename, then click rename.